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Piano Keys


Would you, your organization, or your church like to make a contribution to the Tennessee Baptist Church Music Conference? Your donation will aid in the ongoing mission and purpose of our organization--including mission trips, recordings, new music commissions, and much more!

For more information about the TBCMC Patron Program please read this Patron Letter

When you're ready to become a patron, please complete our form and provide payment information at the following link: Patron Form.

Platinum Patron – $1,000 or more

Gold Patron – $500-999

Silver Patron – $250-499

Bronze Patron – $100-249

Patron – $1-99

2023-2024 Patrons Listed Below

Patron Program: About



Platinum Patrons ($1000 or more)

Joe and Gwenn Fitzpatrick in memory of Fes and Barbara Robertson; Bill and Marilyn Fitzpatrick

Gold Patrons ($500-999)

Elwood D. Doss, Jr in honor of Denise Doss

Silver Patrons ($250-499)

Mike and Joy Bundon in honor/memory of Mr. and Mrs. Bundon and Mr. and Mrs. Blake

Bronze Patrons ($100-249)

Susan Huffaker

Patrons ($1-99)

Kim Lee and Sandy Ray in honor of Jeremy O'Neal

Patron Program: Text
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