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Instructions for ordering your TLC cardigan.

Here's the goal: order your cardigan with the logo on the upper left. 

Here's how: 

  1. Click this link:

  2. Hover over “WOMEN” on top middle of screen and select “TLC Cardigan”

  3. Click on picture of blue cardigan. 

  4. Enter number of cardigans you are ordering in the box corresponding with the size you are ordering:

  5. Click “Apply Logo”

  6. Select TLC Logo

  7. Select the first picture “Chest Left Side”

  8. Click “Apply Logo”

  9. Click “Add to Bag”

  10. Click “Proceed to Checkout”  

  11.  Complete checkout process. 

  12. If you have trouble when ordering, there is a toll-free number at the bottom of the page: 1.800.587.1541.

If you prefer a video-walk through, please click the link below.

Order TLC Cardigan: About
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